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If you are looking for inspiration for your marquee wedding and ideas for how to style your wedding marquee then read on! As a luxury wedding planner covering London and the Home Counties, designing a stylish summer wedding within the blank canvas of a stylish Sperry tent is a fabulous opportunity to really put your own personal stamp on every element.

Take a look at what we achieved and let us know your thoughts in the comments! A marquee is the most wonderful option for your wedding as it not only allows you a completely blank canvas to style as you wish, but it also creates a home from home ambiance for your guests. Whether you host your marquee wedding at home or in the grounds of a stately home or country estate, as luxury marquee wedding planners across London and the Home Counties, read on for our top tips on ideas for how to style your marquee wedding.

Now would also be a good time to flag to you though that planning a well organised and beautifully styled marquee wedding is a complex and time consuming process - running parallel to all the conversations and meetings about floral design, tablescapes and feature furniture hire are detailed plans about access, drainage, power, water, field kitchens, generators and loos! Having us as your expert marquee wedding planner by your side means that we take care of all the details - both creatively and logistically - leaving you to focus solely on having the best day of your lives. You can find out more about exactly how our wedding planning expertise allows our couples plan the wedding of their dreams and to feel calm, confident and under control here.

So, back to styling! When we think about styling our couples' weddings, our goal is to take them and their guests on a sensory journey, of sight, sound, scent, taste and texture to ensure their day is absolutely unforgettable. So let's start at the beginning and walk you though your marquee wedding day and look at every aspect ...


We love to create anticipation of what is to come by making the walk to your marquee into a sensory experience in itself. We just love working with what nature gave us and enhancing it, whether that be by styling a beautiful tree truck with fresh flowers, creating a floral swing or designing an interactive wall where guests are invited to help themselves to something on the way past.


As guests arrive at your wedding marquee, we encourage our couples to make the entrance inviting and give guests a glimpse of what they can expect inside - as well as a timely reminder of the table plan and the location of various services with stylish signage.


As guests take their first look inside your stunning wedding marquee, they should see clearly delineated areas - the dining area to one side and the bar & lounge seating perhaps in the middle and then the dance floor and stage for your band on the other side. My team as well as the waiting staff will be on hand to welcome your guests to the marquee and then to direct them to their tables and assist them in finding their seats.


This is where you can really have some fun with the styling which will mirror the colour palette of your day - long tables or round? Or a mixture? Long or round top table? Top table or sweetheart table? Clothed or oak tables left au natural? There are so many different options when it comes to tables, chairs, table linen, florals, tableware and stationery - as your wedding stylist and planner, this is where we work closely with you to ensure that the marquee styling and each touchpoint inside it is a clear reflection of you both and your unique tastes and aesthetic vision for your wedding.


Make a real feature of your statement wedding cake by presenting it beautifully on a table adorned with flowers matching your tables capes and the bridal party bouquets.


When dusk falls, the lighting you've chosen will will really come into its own. Whether you've chosen festoon lighting, a twinkly pea light canopy, contemporary Eddison light bulbs, battery operated lamps and / or gobo projections on the walls, the combined effect will change the mood from daytime reception to night time party, signalling a change in energy levels and the transition to the next part of your wedding day.


The departure is just as important as the arrival in order to leave an unforgettable impression on your guests - we love creating a tunnelled walkway as guests exit, either using a pea light canopy or simply a pathway lined with lanterns.

If you would like us to create bespoke design boards for your wedding, tailored to your exact preferences and taste, just get in touch to enquire about our services and arrange your preliminary consultation and take your first steps towards a calm and confident wedding planning experience..

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