Brand new bride to be? Our guide on what to do when you first get engaged!

Getting engaged – one of life’s most momentous and emotional occasions and if you are reading this page, you are either dreaming about getting engaged (oh, the anticipation!) or you have recently become engaged, in which case, our sincere congratulations!

Once you have taken that first step in showing your lifelong commitment to each other, the immediate seconds, minutes and hours since then will no doubt all become rather a blur!

Our advice at this point is simply .... be. Enjoy the moment and the feeling of being on cloud nine with your new shared lives ahead of you.

Don’t start thinking about the myriad of things to do to make your wedding happen and panicking about how on earth you are going to find the time … but instead, take a breather, sit back for a few moments, keep reading our blog and let me take some of the strain. Yes, it's natural to experience feelings of overwhelm at this time, as well as excitement, but now but let’s take small steps and before you even start planning your wedding, here are a few things to focus on first …..

First things first - Ring Your Nearest and Dearest!

The first thing you should do as soon as you have said, shouted or wept the word 'YES!" is to share your happy news with those closest to you; they will appreciate you taking the time to ring and hearing it from you in person rather than finding out about it from your Instagram. It may well be that some of them who were 'in the know' beforehand have been patiently standing by for the call, so whilst it may not come as a complete surprise to a privileged few, they will naturally be over the moon that you have accepted and will want to hear every little detail from you!

Nails, nails, nails!

Now that you are the proud owner of a stunning piece of jewellery, you’re naturally going to be flashing it at everybody who asks – and everyone else who didn’t - so get yourself down to the nail bar for a gel manicure or at least a freshen up so that your nails are looking their polished and shaped best to show off the sparkle!

Post a Ring Selfie

Now you can relax and post an image of your news to the wider world. Maybe a picture of the ring, or of both of you, its a great moment to capture for posterity.


Naturally you'll be celebrating with Champagne but what better time than this to try a few different bottles, perhaps brands you don't usually buy, and put it down to doing your research for your wedding day bubbly. Don't forget, write the date on the cork and treasure it as a keepsake of this time in your lives.


Ok, not glamorous or fun … but considered. Your other half may well have insured your ring already but if not, you must do it now.

A perfect fit

If you are lucky enough that the ring fits perfectly first time, then ignore this one. But if it’s not quite right – and it needs to be spot on considering how many years it will be on your finger for – then take it back to the jeweller for perfect sizing. Whilst it will naturally be hard to part with, even if only for a few days, having only just been given it, some jewellers will give you a temporary replacement – of course, nothing like wearing the ring you’ve just been so beautifully presented with, but a bit of fun to let you continue enjoying the feeling of sparkle on that finger whilst the real one is being perfected for you.

Step away from the wedding planning journals!

There’s no need to rush into the wedding planning, there will be plenty of time for that. Take a couple of weeks to enjoy the feeling of being newly engaged and just enjoy it, no need to make your to do list any longer than it already is yet. There will be plenty of time for that … By all means go and buy every wedding magazine on the rack and start curating a Pinterest page, but I advise against any haste to actually start planning. You need to have laid some solid 'wedding vision' foundations before you start doing anything.

Now sit back, relax and bask in the contentment that comes from knowing that you are soon to embark on a seriously exciting chapter of both of your lives ... then when you are ready, and you've had some initial discussions as a couple about your vision, aesthetic and budget for your wedding, give us a call or contact us here and let's chat about how our signature full wedding planning service will give you the wedding you've always dreamed of, while giving you the assurance and clarity that comes from having an expert by your side, keeping you calm and confident all the way.

Susannah x

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