What is British Bride magazine?

Updated: Jul 2

British Bride Magazine - a stylised wedding magazine in print and digital, featuring British wedding professionals.

If you’ve been following my Instagram, account you’ll have noticed fairly frequent references to my role as Planning Editor for the brand new luxury wedding magazine, British Bride. If you’re wondering then what it is all about, who is behind this new title and how can you get a copy, well, read on to find out!

British Bride magazine is the brainchild of James Clarke, Editor in Chief and Lindsay Pemberton, Managing Editor. James is one of the most sought-after luxury British designers whose eponymous brand is renowned for the highest quality and great craftsmanship together with an impeccable eye for the finer details.Lindsay is a master pâtissier blending exceptional flavour with artistry, exquisitely crafting every last detail to perfection.

Together they dreamed up the concept of a brand-new wedding and lifestyle magazine, curated by British brands, offeringstunning inspiration for your wedding day with indulgent imagery and expert advice from its hand picked team of editors and contributors.

Uber stylised and beautifully glossy, British Bride magazine is dedicated to sophisticated couples planning their weddings and is unique in that it focusses on professional British brands within the wedding and lifestyle industry regardless of their size - thus giving smaller, niche brands an incredible platform and profile as well as introducing couples to unique, bijou brands they might not otherwise have discovered.From couture bridal gowns and artisan jewellery to stunning floral designs, mouth watering cakes and desserts, stylish stationery, beauty tips, luxurious venues and wedding planning advice, the magazine covers the entire industry.

As a professional planner with over 15 years experience of exclusive and luxurious weddings and events, I was delighted to get a call inviting me to be the Planning Editor of this new and exciting title, my remit being to write about all things wedding planning – tips, inspiration, real experiences, interviews and suppliers – how could I possibly say no? Taking on this role has been a fabulous opportunity to meet and work alongside two other inspiring and incredible wedding professionals and specialists in their fields who have also been invited to join the editorial team - Gemma Rimmington, multi award winning Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger, whose campaign to raise awareness of animal testing for cosmetic use was featured in Vogue magazine and the legend that is Chenca Westenius, formerly a principal ballerina before becoming CEO and designer at Ritva Westenius Couture in Mayfair. Gemma heads up the Beauty team at British Bride and Chenca leads on all things fashion and bridal styling and I am honoured to hold a position next to them both on the editorial team.

Now, you may be wondering why we have launched a new magazine when there is talk about the decline of publishing – well, British Bride magazine bucks that trend with its strategy of focussing on niche content and publishing bi-monthly, with heavier investment in fewer issues.

Personally, as someone who loves the feel of a book in her hands and who does not own an e-reader, I am a firm believer in the experience not only of what you are reading but how you are reading it. Despite the onset of digital media – and it has its useful purposes - I am a believer that for luxury and timeless content such as this, you cannot beat the real and tangible experience of settling down to enjoy a luxury, hand crafted product, glossy print, heavy paper, to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, to be revisited, to be kept and treasured ….. the very opposite of ‘of the moment’ instant digital media and online blogs where an article is there one day and gone the next ….

Terri White, Editor-in-Chief of the film magazine Empire puts it beautifully when she says “The digital space is a hectic, loud, cluttered landscape with bloggers, influencers, journalists, editors, writers, marketers all shouting into the void – their voices surfacing, or not, depending on SEO or algorithms.” In contrast, she adds, “The intimacy is unrivaled” when readers hold print in their hands, “a visceral, powerful connection” is created. “In this increasingly digitized world, you cannot underestimate how much people just want to feel something real.”

And the proof is in the pudding as they say - following the incredible and successful launch of our first issue back in April, we are delighted to announce that British Bride magazine will be available internationallyfrom the second print issue. From London, New York to LA and Paris, India and Japan, British Bride will be available at the most luxurious of locations around the world.

British Bride Magazine is a brand beyond the publication – we are a mindset, an aspiration and an inspiration and with our future intention to host immersive events for couples and to stage events for the wedding industry to further cement our position as the industry’s leading resource for wedding couples, we know that we are creating a new title for a new future and we’d love to invite you along for the ride.

Susannah x

Find out more about the magazine at @britishbridemag and www.britishbridemagazine.com - you can download your free copy of the magazine from the website or order and pay for your print version.

Find out more about the British Bride team here:

James Clarke, Editor in Chief http://www.jamesclarke.london @Jamesclarkeofficial @mr.jamesclarke

Lindsay Pemberton, Managing Editor https://www.lindsaypemberton.com @lindsaypembertonofficial @mrs.lindsaypemberton

Gemma Rimmington, Beauty Editor http://gemmarimmingtonmakeup.com @gemmarimmingtonhmua @gemmarimmingtonbeautyandbridal

Chenca Westenius, Fashion Editor http://www.ritvawestenius.com @ritvawestenius

Susannah Parker, Planning Editor www.couture-events.co.uk @couture.weddings.events

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